Weatherization Assistance Program

Counties Served:

Program Description:

The Weatherization Program is funded through the State of Wisconsin with funds from the U.S. Department of Energy, Public Benefits, and WHEAP to address major sources of heat loss in low-income homes. People who are deemed high-energy users by the State of Wisconsin, according to the amount of energy assistance the family receives, are first priority for weatherization. A list of such families is supplied by Madison. When that list has been exhausted, other applicants who meet the eligibility are considered.

Once eligibility has been established, the client is contacted by an energy auditor, who determines what work needs to be done to the home. After the audit, a crew will go to the home and actually perform the work prescribed by the audit under the careful supervision of a field coordinator. Such work may include insulating, working on attics and sidewalls, and replacing furnaces, water heaters, etc. A sign-off of acceptable work is required from the owner or renter of the property, with quality control performed on a percentage of the completions.

Eligibility Guidelines:
Must have an annual income at or below 60% of the State Median Income Guidelines and have applied for WHEAP.

Application Process:
Client may fill out a Request for Weatherization or call the Oconto office.


Val Filz, Weatherization Director: (800) 242-7334 ext. 1125