Foreclosure Intervention Program

Counties Served:

Program Description:
The Foreclosure Intervention Program provides assistance to low-income individuals who are in danger of losing their home to foreclosure by helping them catch up on mortgage payments.

For those homeowners who do not meet the eligibility criteria, there is still assistance available in the form of budget counseling, organizing and understanding the materials associated with foreclosure, and communicating with the mortgage company to attempt to work out any possible alternatives to foreclosure. 

Eligibility Guidelines:
Family income must be at or below 80% of the County Median Income.  The homeowner must be behind on their mortgage payments, have income to continue to make mortgage payments after receiving the assistance, receive budget counseling, and have a work out plan in place with their mortgage company prior to assistance.  The home must pass a housing quality standards inspection.

Application Process:
Applicant must call for a prequalification interview and fill out an application if eligible. 


Deb Wiesner, Vice President of Asset Development : (800) 242-7334