Judicare Referral Service

Counties Served:

Program Description:
The Wisconsin Judicare Program issues cards that are valid for 1 year to enable low-income individuals to access legal services. The Judicare Program assists in the resolution of disputes or legal questions about bankruptcy, Social Security/SSI, family law, health, housing, income maintenance, and Indian Law. Wisconsin Judicare cannot pay for or provide legal services in criminal cases, juvenile matters, fee-generating cases, patents, traffic matters, ordinance violations, and other restricted types of cases.

Eligibility Guidelines:
Clients must live in 1 of the 33 northern-most counties of Wisconsin, be a U.S. citizen or lawful alien, have a total equity of liquid assets no higher than $1,500, and have a total equity of ALL assets (liquid and fixed) no higher than $4,000 for a family of 1 (increased by $500 for each family member). Clients must also have an income at or below 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines  established for their household size.

Application Process:
Clients complete an application, which is then forwarded to the Judicare office in Wausau for their approval. All applications are sent into Judice for approval. Applicants will then receive a determination letter. If approved, a card will be issued and the original application mailed in. Clients are given a list of lawyers who will accept the Judicare card and are responsible for contacting a lawyer.

You may also visit Wisconsin Judicare, Inc., for further information.


Peggy Zielinski, Community Access Director: (800) 242-7334 ext. 1106