CEO's Message


Newcap, Inc., is a private non-profit Community Action Agency whose mission is to look for and help eliminate the causes of poverty that keep people from being independent and self-sufficient.

We are one of sixteen such agencies in the state of Wisconsin and one of nearly a thousand throughout the United States.

What makes Community Action Agencies, such as ours, unique among human service organizations is we have a policy making Board made up of three levels of partnership: people representing (1) public, (2) private, and, most importantly, (3) low-income interests. This Board assesses community needs and provides direction for the agency.

Newcap, Inc., provides selective services to ten Northeastern Wisconsin counties. Our goal is either to provide direct services to low-income people or information and referral to where the service may be obtained. Please feel free to contact me regarding our agency by calling me toll free (only within the state of Wisconsin) or e-mailing me at

We have a passion for moving people from poverty to independence and self-sufficiency.  If you are on that path, reach out to us, we are ready to help you on your journey.  If you share our passion, reach out to us, we can use your passion to help others!


Cheryl Detrick
Newcap, Inc.